FODMAP Friendly Breakfast Cereal


A Low FODMAP Diet is proven to be an effective dietary treatment for the vast majority of people suffering from IBS. Research has also shown that a low FODMAP diet reduces symptoms of fatigue, lethargy and poor concentration.

Three of our breakfast cereals are certified FODMAP Friendly, making them the perfect way to start the day for anyone suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or symptoms of an irritable bowel.

Forage FODMAP Friendly Muesli

Forage Muesli

Our delicious FODMAP friendly Muesli will keep you satisfied all morning long. Enjoy a blend of puffs, seeds, nuts and dried cranberries to deliver a well-balanced meal of carbohyrates, good fats and protein – power fuelling your body the way nature intended.

Forage FODMAP Friendly Muesli

Forage Bircher

Our delicious FODMAP friendly Bircher Muesli will keep you satisfied all morning long. Enjoy a blend of rolle rice, seeds, nuts and dried fruits to deliver a well-balanced meal of carbohyrates, good fats and protein. Soak overnight in your favourite liquid for optimal hydration at breakfast!

Forage FODMAP Friendly Muesli

Forage Porridge

Our delicious FODMAP friendly Porridge combines the strength of ancient Andean Gluten Free grains, simply steamed and rolled flat with organic unheated rapadura sugar, bvanilla and cinnamon to give you a truly organic porridge experience.

Forage FODMAP Friendly Cereals

Forage Cereal was created by leading Australian Nutritionist and Naturopath, Dr Damian Kristof. With over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Damian is highly passionate about food and the effect it has on our bodies, in particular gut health. His knowledge has driven him to create a range of breakfast cereals that are low in FODMAPs. With so many highly nutritious and delicious FODMAP friendly ingredients available to make amazing breakfast cereals, why would you chose anything else?

“I wanted to make the world’s best and I have with Forage”
– Dr Damian Kristof, creator of Forage Cereal

What is FODMAP Friendly?

FODMAPs are a group of short chain carbohydrates and sugar alcohols that include fructose, fructans, galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), lactose and polyols. Scientific research has proven that a diet low in FODMAPs is the most effective dietary treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. FODMAP Friendly is the only registered trademark certifying FODMAP levels in packaged foods. For those with IBS, the FODMAP Friendly symbol makes it easy for sufferers of IBS to choose suitable foods for their condition.

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