Forage Bircher

Natural NOT processed fibres are what we need for proper DIGESTIVE function as this also allows for effective hydration and nutrient absorption. Processed fibres, from grains turned from one thing into another by Scientific Industrial Research Organisations and in labs, go against the concept of hydration and wellbeing. This is why Forage Bircher uses only premium ingredients that at most have been steamed, NO OTHER PROCESSING.

Certified FODMAP Friendly Australin Made Gluten Free Kosher

A refreshingly fruity start to the day, we have selected nature’s healthiest assortment of fruits and nuts to offer a breakfast naturally high in protein and good fats, while adding rolled brown rice for maximum nutrient and fibre benefits.

Serving Suggestions

To 100g of bircher mix, add: 1 grated apple, ½ punnet of blue berries and another seasonal diced fruit. Stir this until well mixed and then add your choice of fruit juice (e.g. orange, apple etc) or water so that the amount of liquid sits just above the line of the cereal. Mix well again and leave in the fridge to sit over night. Serve cold with fresh natural yoghurt. PLEASE NOTE: This recipe has not been FODMAP approved.


Rolled Brown Rice, Sunflower Seeds (Sprouted 10%), Pepitas (Sprouted 10%), Coconut, Almonds, Macadamia nuts, Currants and Cranberries.

Key Benefits

  • Rich in natural fibre
  • Gluten free
  • Soft & easy to digest
  • Full of raw goodness
  • Digestion friendly
  • Based on the best bircher recipes from around the world
Nutritional Information Panel
Per 40g Serving Per 100g
Energy  758kj  1895kj
Protein  4.4g  11.0g
Carbs (total)  18.1g  45.2g
– Sugar  3.4g  8.5g
Fibre  2.6g  6.5g
Fat  11.3g  28.2g
– Saturated  3.5g  8.7g
Sodium  4.6mg  11.4mg
Iron  1.5mg  3.8mg
Gluten  nil  nil
  • Forage Bircher Sprouted 400g x 4

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Certified FODMAP Friendly Approved Food ProductThis cereal is a certified FODMAP Friendly Approved Food Product suitable for IBS sufferers or those who suffer from symptoms of an irritable bowel.

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