Forage Muesli

Our body dictates that we need GREAT FOOD, not good food. Not LOW FAT, not LOW anything – GREAT FOOD – FULL of everything.

FULL of good fats
FULL of good proteins
FULL of good carbohydrates
The body needs protein, fat and carbohydrate with each meal as every function in the body requires synergy of these three macronutrients at every point in the day.

Forage Muesli was created to provide you with a breakfast that perfectly balances these 3 essentials while tasting great!

Certified FODMAP Friendly Australin Made Gluten Free Kosher

Only Natural Goodness goes into this mix. Premium grains, seeds and cranberries are combined uniquely with nQ and love to deliver essential protein, fat and carbohydrate with each mouthful.

Serving Suggestions

Best served with milk of your choice (we like nut milks or rice milk), yoghurt and fresh berries.



Organic Puffed Brown Rice, Organic Puffed Millet, Organic Puffed Amaranth, Organic Puffed Buckwheat, Organic Puffed Quinoa, Pumpkin Seeds (Sprouted 10%), Almonds, Sunflower Seeds (Sprouted 10%), Dried Cranberries.


Key Benefits

  • Low calorie to aid with healthy lifestyle modification
  • Reduced carbohydrates to enhance low carb eating
  • Gluten free
  • Light on digestion
  • High in natural goodness
  • High in nutrition and flavour
Nutritional Information Panel
Per 40g Serving Per 100g
Energy  1038kj  2602kj
Protein  6.5g  16.2g
Carbs (total)  16.4g  41.1g
– Sugar  6.5g  16.3g
Fibre  2.9g  7.2g
Fat  12.8g  31.9g
– Saturated  1.5g  3.7g
Sodium  5.5mg  13.8mg
Iron  2.2mg  5.5mg
Gluten  nil  nil

Certified FODMAP Friendly Approved Food ProductThis cereal is a certified FODMAP Friendly Approved Food Product suitable for IBS sufferers or those who suffer from symptoms of an irritable bowel.

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