Forage Porridge

It’s been said before that OATS ARE FOR ANIMALS – we believe this to be true. Whilst softening food and then warming it is good for your digestion and good for you, Forage Porridge is proudly Oat-free, containing significantly more natural goodness without the bloat!Any porridge accompanied only by milk or water is NOT a great start to the day. Thus, to make your porridge nutritionally balanced you should add nuts, seeds, fruit and maybe some yoghurt.Far creamier than you would expect, far better for you than you could imagine and more nQ than you could poke a stick at – Forage porridge is just great food.

Certified FODMAP Friendly Australian Made Gluten Free Kosher

We have combined the strength of ancient Andean gluten free grains, simply steamed and rolled flat, with organic unheated rapadura sugar, vanilla and cinnamon to give you a truly organic porridge experience.

Serving Suggestions

Forage Porridge is prepared as easily as regular porridge! For a 40g- 50g serve, simply add milk and/ or water and place over a medium heat for 3-5 minutes. Stir well until the preferred consistency is reached. You may add to this some nuts, dried fruit or honey – or all of the above!



Organic Brown Rice, Organic Amaranth, Organic Quinoa, Organic Rapadura Sugar, Organic Vanilla and Organic Cinnamon.


Key Benefits

  • Rich in natural fibre
  • Gluten free
  • All Natural & Organic ingredients
  • Sweet and rich in iron
Nutritional Information Panel
Per 50g Serving Per 100g
Energy  765kj  1530kj
Protein  3.9g  7.8g
Carbs (total)  37.3g  74.7g
– Sugar  8.6g  17.1g
Fibre  2.6g  5.1g
Fat  1.5g  3.0g
– Saturated  0.2g  0.5g
Sodium  3.4mg  6.8mg
Iron  7.8mg  15.5mg
Gluten  nil  nil

Certified FODMAP Friendly Approved Food ProductThis cereal is a certified FODMAP Friendly Approved Food Product suitable for IBS sufferers or those who suffer from symptoms of an irritable bowel.

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