2 Cups Forage PALEO Granola
1/8 Cup Coconut Oil, adding any more as needed but this should be enough
Sea Salt, to taste


It is important to begin with grinding the Granola. Place the Granola in a high-speed processor and pulse until well combined, whipping down the sides of the blender to collect any ingredients as needed. For a Smooth Nut Butter, blend until a fine meal forms. The mixture may already be a little oily, this is good sign as it means your nut butter will taste extra decadent when it is finished.
Melt the Coconut Oil and pour it into the food processor. Add any Salt that you are using at this point also. Blend this mixture once again, whipping down the sides to ensure the mixture is well combined and slightly runny.
Transfer the mixture into a glass jar, or onto a freshly toasted piece of. GF toast and enjoy! This Nut Butter will last up to 2 weeks in an airtight container in the pantry.

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