I have sourced some of the highest quality ingredients with no added processed sugar, preservatives or any additives so that we all can start the day with a high protein, highly nutritious and delicious breakfast.

Damian Kristof

Naturopath | Nutritionist | Chiropractor, Creator of Forage Cereal


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The forage product range are all gluten free, sourced from premium quality ingredients, and packed full of natural intelligence.

Forage Muesli

Our delicious Muesli (originally labelled Cereal) now available in a convenient weekly serving size of 240g, will keep you satisfied well into the afternoon. Enjoy a blend of puffs, seeds, nuts and dried cranberries to deliver a well-balanced meal of carbohydrates, good fats and protein – power fuelling your body the way nature intended.

Forage Paleo

The perfect answer for the person eating paleo-style and for the person eating a purely vegan lifestyle. Packed with more GREAT fats and proteins than you can poke a mammoth with, it’s designed by nature with a delicious variety of nuts, seeds and dried fruits for you to thrive on!

Forage Bircher

Our delicious Bircher, now available in a convenient weekly serving size of 300g will keep you satisfied well into lunchtime. Enjoy a blend of rolled rice, seeds, nuts and dried fruits to deliver a well-balanced meal of carbohydrates, good fats and protein. Soak overnight in your favourite liquid for optimal hydration at breakfast!

Forage Porridge

We have combined the strength of ancient Andean gluten free grains, simply steamed and rolled flat, with organic unheated rapadura sugar, vanilla and cinnamon to give you a truly organic porridge experience.


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Forage Recipes

Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast Bowl

Feeling a little under the weather? Well then you might need what we’re calling Nature’s Most Potent Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast Bowl: Turmeric and Coconut Porridge with Sandalwood Honey and Sunflower Seedlings

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Granola Protein Bars

With a combination of gluten free grains, slow-releasing fruit based carbohydrate and high protein, high fat Paleo Granola – these Protein Bars make the perfect pre or post work-out snack or grab and go breakfast.

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